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I’ve been hearing rumours circling around that there’s gonna be a remake of the Spyro the Dragon games for the PS4. Apparently, it’s gonna on the first three games, just like Crash Bandicoot, and will be released later in the year. I don’t know if these rumours are true or not, but it certainly fills one with nostalgia. It’s been a long time since I’ve played Spyro...

If these rumours turn out to be, I just hope they stay true to the original material.
My dog had to be put down yesterday. We had her for fourteen years. My mom says it's important to move on after the pain, but I can't move on, I just can't. She doesn't understand anything about my feelings. She never did.

I miss Leah.
I'm now halfway through my holidays. I'll be going back to college in mid-September. During that large break, I went to Florence on vacation, and being out of my own country gave me plenty of time to think.

First off, my imagination is out of friggin' control.

It's impossible for me to stay on a single project. I'm at a loss on what to do with it. I feel like a failure at everything, even clearing my mind of things has accomplished nothing.

I already have a new project swirling in my head, but I'm having serious reservations about it lasting, even making it a reality.

What am I suppose to do?
Hi, just here to wish everyone a happy Easter~! But also because to inform everyone of something deeper. This year is the centenary of the 1916 Rising in Ireland. What is the 1916 Rising? Well, it was an attempted rebellion in Ireland during Easter Week. The rising was launched by Irish rebels to end British rule and establish an Irish republic. The Rising was a complete failure in the end and all the main leaders were rounded up and executed.

Despite its failure, the Rising was still important. It inspired future generations to continue fighting for an Irish republic. Which is why it's important to remember the fallen rebels who fought for Ireland. Patrick Pearse, James Connoly, Tom Clarke, Joesph Plunkett...look those names up and understand their roles in the Rising.

Happy Easter Week everyone.
Another year has gone by, and with each year, comes a new Saint Patrick's Day~! This one's for all you Irish emigrants out there!… 
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So, today I got the game, Undertale. Apparently, it's supposed to be very good, despite looking like something from the 90s. I played a bit of it, and I might play more tomorrow. Also, my cold's clearing up, so there's some good news there.

That's all for now.
Another year, another birthday~! It's my birthday~!
I can't believe it! I can't find the stylus that I use for digital art! Yes, I use a tablet for doing digital art, sue me! And since that stylus is necessary for doing art on my laptop, I'm stuck to using traditional art. So, unless the stylus turns up, I won't be able do digital art for a while. 
Hi there, just here to wish everyone a happy holidays~!

Although Christmas is the time of year for festivities, it's also the holiday to look back on the year, and learn from that year. For me, this year was something of a self-discovery. True, I may have suffered from a few breakdowns and hit a few bumps on the way, but it's also taught me to remain determined on what you want to accomplish in life. At least that's what I've learned. That said, I'm going to keep following my goals and ambitions until the day I die!

Happy holidays~!
As the title says, I'm going through a personal crisis right now about college. I've only been back there for a month now, and I'm starting wonder if I made the right choice in going back, what with the assignments and lectures and additional stress. Not to mention I'm struggling to find time in doing my writing and drawing...

I'm not so good with words, so maybe listening to this song will help you understand what I'm going through:
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Well, there's no denying it; I have become a nervous wreck. I will be going back to college soon, and I've been having trouble sleeping as a result. I've always had trouble sleeping since I was a kid. The tension's really killing me.
There'll be an orientation tomorrow and I'll officially go back next week, so submitting art will probably be seldom on my part...again.

As for my nerves, well there's really nothing I can do about them except wait until I've settled down in college for them to go away.
I know this isn't anyone's business, but I need someplace to take out my current issue. I've been given a very difficult choice, concerning the course in the college I went to last year. I have to decide whether I should continue it or start the same course in a new college.
I know this is a decision I have to make on my own, but I can't decide what to do. I was never good at making tough decisions.
If someone is willing to give me advise, please say it, even if it's only little.
Over the next week, I'm gonna be inactive for a while, mainly because tomorrow I'm going to Belgium for my holiday.
Hopefully, I'll start submitting stuff again next week after I return from Belgium.
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This is just a message wishing everyone a happy St. Patrick's day today~!
Yay~! Today's my birthday and I'm very happy~!

I love birthdays!
This evening, when I was returning home from college, I received the news that my Grandad passed away this morning. My mom said he wanted to die in his own home, well he got his wish. He said he wasn't afraid of death because he was a strong believer in God, and knew he would see Him when he reached the other side.

Normally, I would be looking forward to weekends, but in this case, I have to make an exception for personal reasons.

Rest In Peace, Grandad.
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You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod/ Phone/ iTunes/ media player and write down the first five songs that play, then pass this on to 5 people.

1. Welcome to New York by Taylor Swift
2. Uptown Girl by Westlife
3. Run to You by Lady Antebellum
4. Show Me Your Colours by S Club 7
5. Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson

Well, it turns out I'm more of a pop/country music person. Who'd have thought?

I tag:
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1. You must post these rules

2. Each person has to share ten facts about themselves.

3. Answer the ten questions from the person who tagged you and make up ten questions for the ten people you tag.

4. Choose ten people and include them in your journal.

5. Go to their page and inform that they have been tagged by you. (it tells them you tagged them if you use icons)

6. Not like "You are tagged if you read this".

7. You have to legitimately tag ten people. 

8. No tag backs.

9. You can not say that you do not do tags.

10. You MUST make a journal.

Ten facts about me:

1. I have two dogs, one of whom has the habit of sleeping on my bed.
2. I had sever Asperger's syndrome as a child, but it's getting better.
3. Although I prefer to do traditional art, I am recently attempting to practice digital art.
4. Although I mostly do things with my right hand, I also do some things with my left hand. In other words, I am technically ambidextrous.
5. My family spent three years in Sinapore when I was young before we moved back to Ireland.
6. I tend to love animals more than humans.
7. I used to get bad ear infections as an infant.
8. I love writing and drawing. The stories I write are usually myth-related.
9. As well as draw and write, I am also a pretty good baker.
10. My greatest ambition is to publish my own manga as a webcomic.

1. Would you swear at me just because I tagged you?


2. What is one thing that you currently own since your birth?

I don't have anything, my mom threw it all away.

3. Favourite musical artist?


4. Do you like watching "Wipeout"?

Never heard of it.

5. Have you ever been in your class's honour roll?

...I may have, but I don't think honour rolls exist in my country. I was awarded Student of the Month a few times in my old school.

6. Do you know more than one language other than English and your national language? (It's okay if your foreign vocabulary is limited. Just don't answer the language that you "always" run into a translator.)

I know a bit of French, but my skills in learning other languages is a little slow. I attempted to learn Italian and Spanish using a translater app.

7. Do you like wearing jeans?

Only if my mom makes me wear them. I'm more of a trousers person.

8. Mr. Peabody or Sherman? :3

I saw the movie

9. Why? (Connect to question 8.)

It was the weekend, and I had nothing much to do.

10. Lastly, zodiac sign? ^ω^

I'm an Aquarius though there is a bit of Capricorn in me.

My own questions:

1. Are you a bookworm?
2. Have you ever been in a situation that was awkward?
3. Have you visited places outside your country?
4. Do you know other languages besides English?
5. What is your past-time hobby?
6. What clothes do you find most comfortable to wear?
7. Who is your favourite artist?
8. What is your life-long ambition?
9. Have you recently done anything for the weekend?
10. Left-handed or right-handed?
Today is Saint Patricks Day in Ireland!
Hope you all have a great bank holiday...for those who celebrate St. Ps Day that is.
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OLNY PUT THIS ON YOUR PRILOFE IF YOU CAN RAED TIHS. CNAHGE THE NMUERBR AT TOP TGOHUH, "ONLY __ PEOPLE ON DA CAN READ THIS...CAN YOU?" Go up a nmuber if you can raed it...lte's see how hgih we can get! Good lcuk!